I fed chicks some earth worms and some veggie scarps, but didn't know they needed grit.... Now one i

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    What do I do ? I hope its not to late. Their poops have been kind of more lose now as well. Everyone was doing great but yesterday and today one of the chicks could barley even get up and I can tell is slowly dying. It's all my fault and I feel so so bad :C
    I dont know if my feed store sells grit because I live in a very very urban area and its a very small feed store. What can I do to make them better?!
    I can't tell if the feed I'm feeding them has grit in it, I don't know what brand it is because the feed store just sells them in brown lunch bags, so their is no brand name on it. Any advice would be very helpful, thanks ! :'(
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    Dec 7, 2011
    Does it feel like its crop is full? if it is try using a syringe to give it some mineral oil, but be very careful that you don't get it into its lungs instead. You can also gently massage its crop. If you can't find chick grit, you can try walmart or any store that sells bird food and get it grit for parrots. The problem may not be the food you've given them. Are you feeding medicated chick starter? Giving them luke warm water (not cold)? Are you keeping them warm enough? It could also be a vitamin/mineral deficiency.

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