I feel like a bad Mommy!

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    Mar 23, 2011
    Loudon, New Hampshire
    So I have in the new coop on one side my 2 OEG bantams that are something like 12ish weeks old on one side and on the other side are my 2 polish girls that are about 12 weeks old, my frizzle thats about 9 weeks old, 2 silkies that are about 9 weeks old and a 10 week old cochin bantam all together. I have been bringing them outside durring the day and bringing them back in at night because im a wicked softy like that. If I go out at night Jo (12 week polish) bangs on the door with her head until I pick her up and go inside so of course I would have to bring in the other 5......Then I have the little OEG that start making me feel like a jerk for leaving them out in the cold and dark even though they are all feathered and its been in the mid 40's at night here. The door on the coop has chicken wire as the middle so he pokes his little face at each hole until he finds one big enough to stick his head through....he then sticks his little head out all the way down to his body and peeps at me until i pick him up. And of course then hes all rubbing his face on my shirt and being cute. So tonight DH has put his fot down and said they HAVE to stay outside....guess he doesnt like the crowing in the kitchen hehehehe

    My poor babies are out in the coop for the first time overnight and its like 45 degrees out. Please you guys tell me they are fine out there!! I cant even go out to check on them because there is NO WAY i could not bring them back in with me.
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    [​IMG] They got you wrapped around their feathers! But don't worry at 9 to 12 weeks they should have all their feathers and therefore be ok.
    Ofcourse as spoiled as they are you will be getting some stink eye in the morning. [​IMG]
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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Teehee! Softy! [​IMG]
    I put mine out at 4-5 weeks [​IMG] and lows got down to 31 one night! They did fine, but they had a heat lamp.
    THEY WILL SURVIVE! Don't fall for the chicken pouty face!

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