I feel like I'm being picked on by my city... Advice Please?

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    I moved in my house April 08, around that time I asked my neighbors if they minded if I got some chickens and a rooster. The city ordinance online said I can keep upto 10 fowl, but didn't say what sex. So I got some chicks and a little roo and raised them, then I got straight run silkies. Everything was great.

    Then my roosters (I had 2) learned to crow, they were crowing for a good 2 or 3 months when one day I came home from the feedstore to a note from animal control on my door. It said that roosters are prohibited. I gave them a call and asked what the deal was because the ordinances online said I could keep up to 10 fowl. The woman on the phone said that I should check the website and I did. The web page was changed to say none allowed at all. I told the animal control lady that it didn't say that when I moved in. Her response was that nothing has changed and that I need to find a home for my chickens in 30 days. I told her I know that my neighbors never complained, and she agreed but said that they can hear the at her workplace, which would be correct because animal control and the city's public works are right behind me.

    I called city hall and they said the ordinance was changed before I moved in, but they just got around to changing the info online. So the website was changed, the woman at animal control was lying or didn't know what she was talking about. I gave all my roos and all my hens away but 3, the first 3 chicks I bought. They still didn't want to let me keep them after I called them and told them. I was trying to show them I am willing to compromise if they are.

    A few days later, the head of animal control and the city manager showed up at my house unannounced. They had my phone # because I also wrote them a letter explaining why we are wanting to keep chickens, and asking if we could be grandfathered, considering it was not our fault their info was incorrect and out of date. I also found a loophole on the ordinance that they didn't like. The loophole allows me to write in for a permit as long as I have a child in 4-H. So I signed 2 of my kids up and wrote in for a permit. They basically didn't believe that I gave away all but 3 of my chickens and they were trying to catch me with my pants down so-to-speak. I let them in my backyard and did my chicken call. All 3 of my ee hens ran up.

    I never got my permit, and I really think this is unfair. There is a house down the street from city hall that has chickens and a rooster, and they have a chainlink fence and they free range, for everyone to see, and there is a house right next door to city hall where they have a game hen, and I know this because I was talking to the people at th fire station after I saw her. They said she runs around and likes to fly up on top of the trucks.

    I still have chickens, but all hens, and I still feel like I have to hide them, I have also been thinking about how nice it would be to have a rooster.

    I need some advice, I'm not usually one to cry about someone being unfair to me, but I just can't help but feel that way in this case.
    What would you guys do?
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    I would consult an attorney. Good luck!
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    I would try and go to the city commissioner's and get the law changed. since you read the web-site and the information was not changed in a timely manner then its on them and you should be allowed to keep your chickens. I would keep trying for the permit and talk to the ones that own chickens maybe they can help you with the fight to keep your chickens. If the others have chickens then maybe since you have had chickens for 2 years there should be no reason that you can not have them I would write letters to the city clerk the city commissioners anyone that I can start a campaign to bring chickens to town get people to sign a petition talk to the 4-H officer maybe they could help keep fighting to keep your chickens I understand I have had chickens for a year now but just got a rooster and someone called and the only thing they could complain about was that my coop was not 50 feet from their house so we are moving the coop but the pen where the rooster does his crowing will still be in the same place the only thing that has to be 50 feet away is the coop boy are they in for a surprise:gig I guess they figured that I would just get rid of my chickens or my rooster which I got from a member of byc not a chance. good luck and send positive prayers your way that you can keep your chickens also here is a [​IMG] just because you need it.

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