I feel so ashamed!!!

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    Well I went up to the chicken coop to get the eggs and I told flower I didnt want her egg if she was laying it on top of the nesting boxes(they sleep there so they arnt so cleanI clean them every few weeks)... Well I feel ashamed because she was trying to take a DUSTBATH!!!!! This cold winter made me forget all about dustbaths. Here are some pictures.[​IMG] Oh and by the way this is my red sex link hen named Flower!! and yet she hates flowers!

    Getting started:

    Ahhhh this feels good:

    What is this? I can see my Feathers!:

    Well time to see my feathers again!;

    I just had to share these adorable pictures with my BYC friends!!![​IMG]
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    awww! [​IMG]
    Thanks for sharing!
    A girl has just got to attend to her beauty regime....and will make due with what she's got until a better product is available.
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    GO FLOWER! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Flower has a good owner! [​IMG]
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    LOL, chickens are so funny! And adaptable!

    If you want to stop the top of the nest box thing, put a slanted piece of plywood over it. Then they'll have to go in a box or lay on the floor.
    And I guess you need to make a dusting box? Mine get out a lot because we have mild winters, the first thing they do is find some good dirt!
  6. a litter box with a bad of play sand and a bag of peat moss does them well. just look out 'cause the dust will fly.
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    May 11, 2010

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