I feel so bad, I locked a mother swallow away from her babies :o(

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by LivinNewDreamInND, Aug 17, 2010.

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    Mar 22, 2010
    My husband brought home a new rooster that was given to us by a man he works with. The rooster is a 1 year old Black Star.... Anyway I did not want to put the new guy in with my 14 week olds right away so we decided that the best place for him would be by himself in the main room of our barn. In order to make sure he would not get out we had to close one of our stable doors that has been stuck open since we bought the house, then I decided to leave another one of the stable doors open and just wire over it so that the barn still had some ventilation. I thought we were pretty handy making the barn nice and safe for our new guy but when I went back out later to check on things I heard very loud peeping from my tack room. It dawned on me that I had locked a mother barn swallow out of the barn and her 4 poor little hungry babies were still in the barn crying for their momma. I hurried and cut a hole in the top corner of the wired door opening that is plenty big enough for mother swallow to come in, but I am worried that it is to late and she may have given up trying to get in by now [​IMG] I really hope she figures out how to get in to them, she has been such a good mommy. This is her second hatching this season and she protects her nest fiercely! I have been swooped at many times and my dogs are scared of her, lol. So I'm crossing my fingers that she brings them lots of yummy bugs tonight and I will find them settled down in the morning [​IMG]
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    Don't beat yourself up...you did not know. She will probably come back...they do not give up that easily, especially if the babies are calling for her. [​IMG]
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    It's alright. I hope everything works out! [​IMG]
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    I bet it will work out! You are so my kinda gal!

    We were replacing our soffits one year. After the workers had replaced one section, a momma bird kept coming and peeping and just standing nearby on the roof. It dawned on me that her nest was behind the new soffits, maybe in our attic. I actually made them take that piece off so she could get in and out. [​IMG]

    Yeah, DH was not at all happy, 'cause when he put it back weeks later, it never worked right. Any little wind storm would blow it off, just that one piece. It got to where he'd just give me "The look" and go out and fix it. [​IMG]
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    Mar 22, 2010
    I checked on them this morning and they were not peeping as loudly, but they were still craneing their necks and opening their beaks. Usually they don't let me see them at all. I hope that means their momma found them and they are a little more settled and not that they lost the energy to peep. It was cold here last night, it got down to 43 degrees, but they are probably in the warmest part of the barn so I don't think the temps affected them that much.
    Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed with me. I will keep you updated.
  7. Momma birds don't give up on thier babies very easily! If they weren't as loud, I would guess that DOES mean she got to her babies! [​IMG] I think it's a sweet thing you did by opening a "Bird door" for her! [​IMG] It'll all be ok I'm sure!
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    I hope Mama did make it back in to her babies. [​IMG]
    We have a pair of swallows that always nest under our carport. We had a black snake get up into the rafters of the carport and eat all the babies. Mr. Black Snake had been relocated (by us) a couple of times but he insisted on coming back, so....
    Anyhow, my baby chicks were on the screened porch fairly close to the swallows nest. Once the babies birds were dead, Mama Swallow spent quite a bit of time trying to get onto the porch. My guess is that she heard my chicks peeping and assumed that it was her babies.
  9. LivinNewDreamInND

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Good News! I went to the barn to check on all of my feathered friends and momma swallow swooped at me a couple of times. She was extra mad that I had locked her out, but at least she made it back to her tiny little babies! [​IMG] I am so happy that she found the little bird door! I should have figured that a mommy would not give up on her babies that easily. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Awww! I'm glad she found her babies! [​IMG]

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