i feel sooo much better!!!

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    okay so long story short, last august i had a bad break up with ex boyfriend, he went to jail for beating me up. i was beside myself. i needed friends and family, but i was pretty much alone and kinda selfish i'll admit. so i kinda went insane after awhile. my mom and my sister in law (she's married to my younger brother) got into an arguement. we all said mean things. she was preggo with my nephew and my mom had made a comment about her not being there for me after my ex had beat me up. she said it was my fault because i "go out looking for drug addicts to date" [​IMG] totally not it LOL. but i got mad. i called her a whale (like i said i was a bit insane). that was last oct. i wasn't able to see my neice. i had got to see her in december (we were best buds) when i saw her, she gave me a biiiig bear hug and didn't let go. i was so sad i cried. last weekend was the first time i saw her since then. my sister in law also said a lot of other really mean and aweful things about me and became close to my evil step cousin. that's a whole other story.

    i ended up giving my sister in law a card and told her i was sorry cuz i was insane. well i saw her today and we weren't back to normal but it was the start of a new beginning. we have been trying to resolve this for a long time. i feel a lot better and sooo much stress relieved!!

    ETA: karma backfired on me and gained 30+ pounds since the whole thing
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    [​IMG] Good for you for being big enough to take the first step and apologize!
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    thanks [​IMG] it's a big relief

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