I finally have chickens again!


Sore from digging post holes!
11 Years
Jun 10, 2012
Back in 2012 and 2013 I fell in love with keeping chickens, ducks, and a couple of geese. Sadly one or two of my neighbors did not like the fact that I had chickens and I found out from the county code enforcement office that I could not have chickens where I lived. Three years ago we moved to a new home and I made sure my new place was zoned to allow me to keep chickens. Well this past spring I was in Tractor Supply and saw that they had their chick days going on and I bought a few and set up a small coop and run area. I'm finally enjoying eggs from my new backyard flock again.

Sadly, I couldn't remember my password from my original membership here and I no longer have access to the email I used to register back then so I had to make a new account.

If it is possible to merge the two accounts that would be great. My old username is @MajorJC

Thanks to @CarpCharacin for merging my old account with my new one.

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