I Finially got some decent pictures of My Honeycomb !

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  1. stormylady

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    Dec 27, 2008
    Hi Everyone!
    Just wanted to share some of the pictures I took of the Fuzzybutt kiddos outside today, I was still damp and a little muddy out there and they found all the worst spots to play so I apologize for there muddy condition, but they were having such a great time out there I didn't want to have to send them to the chickie Salon to get there doo's done for pictures! Everyone is this group will be 13 weeks old tomarrow!
    First is my Favorite little boys is Honeycomb! He sure has some wattles and comb for such a young guy! All the other boys got wattle envy. LOL


    Then there is Emma, she is such a sweetie! Black Australorpe

    is this little boy (sent as a male packing peanut) really a little girl, she is the exact same age as honeycomb. did I luck up with a pretty little girl?
    Oh the young man in the pictures is my oldest son, Dustin and the boy in the next picture is my 19 year old. My baby......shhhhhh he doesn't like it when I call him that! LOL[​IMG] and I can't leave my middle son out, I couldn't get a clear picture of him but here is one of him too, my three boys have been working very hard building our first coop! Im so proud of them (I'm not an easy woman to work for! LOL) just ask the kids. [​IMG]proud mom of 3 wonderful boys and a kazillion chicken amonst other animal kiddos! Thanks for looking, Sandy
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  2. nstamper2000

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    Mar 25, 2009
    My he does have some big wattles!!! [​IMG] LOL
  3. stormylady

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    Dec 27, 2008
    Yeah, he is a total sweetie too! He was the one stuck to me like glue, and always wanted his momma. LOL who'd have guessed he would turn out to be the most matured out of all the boys, He was kinda scawny in the beginning
    Seems like we always get attached to the ones that need us most. huh! Anyways he grown into quite the little man at 13 weeks , I can't wait till he his a full grown boy, I sure hope he keeps his gentle nature.
    Thanks Sandy

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