I finished planing my banty coop

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    Mar 22, 2008
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    I finally got done planing the coop. It will be a A frame with each angle at 60degree and ever side 4ft long. The whole thing itself will be 6ft long. THe whole bottom 24sqf will be a secure run and at 18inch high the the roost/nest area will begin , which should be with my math skills 8sqf. There will be one 18in wide comunity nest box for them with acsess from the outside . It will feature a ramp so they can get up and down. THe main frame will be made out of 2x4's and the rest is lighter 2x2 and 1x2. THe roofing material will be palruf or sunruf not sure about the color yet but prolly white.
    I also plan on installing light and/or heat in the coop. After i send out my heat cable to a BYC member i found another one in the basement and light cant hurt either here in NE Ohio. I will put palns and pics up as son as i find out how to draw the plans on the compy, right now all i have is paint. I will get started next weekend because this weekend i have to take my kids to a b-day bowling party and also i have to make fudge.
    If you wonder why the whole coop/tractor is so small, it will be for 4-5 dutch bantam and millies if i dont hatch enough dutch.
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    sounds good [​IMG] i just made my banty coop, its a few threads down. the itle is" wohooo! i finished my coop" i think lol. i cant wait to see pics.

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