I forgot her outside~!

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  1. I was trying to get my 2 ducklings (cayuga and a runner) out of the brooder this morning, to put them in the intermediate duck pen with the 2 young mallards (mallards are older, but all 4 are same size now). As I rounded up the cayuga and the runner, a chick flew out. I had my hands full managing the 2 wiggly ducks, so I shut the lid and decided I'd come back for the chick (4 weeks old). The high today was 56... and I totally forgot about the chick! Completely, until dinner time, when I went out to check on the chicks and feed them again (they eat a LOT), I realized I'd totally forgotten that escaping chick! I looked under stuff, behind stuff, walked out in the woods, yelling for her... followed a sound into the neighbor's woods, nothing. my dog Haley was following behind me, and she is a smart dog, so she knew i was looking for something. I gave up, and went to go tell my 3 year old daughter (who'd been helping look) that we'd put a light out, and some food, overnight, just in case.. then I saw my dog. She was standing stock still, staring under the double sawhorse wood rack (that I'd already looked under!)... she was watching something.. i went over, crouched down, and it was MISSING CHICK! 8 hours away from the lamp, in cold, overcast conditions. YAY DOGGIE!!! I am so relieved, and I love my dog. the chick seems fine, and was still lively, and hard to grab... she is now back in the brooder with her friends.

    edited because I mis-spelled SHUT, and the post thingy somehow changed it to 'I poop the lid' instead of 'I shut the lid'... oops! [​IMG]
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  2. Good doggie! And don't feel bad - we all get distracted sometimes. I hope she's OK!
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    I am glad you found your chickie and that she is safe. We do forget things at times. (more and more for me). I have an electric fence that I have to disconnect to get into the coop. It also is around my goat pasture. I can't tell you how many times I forget to turn it back on, and I have to walk right past it. So now I have baby goats so I am really careful with the fence, but this morning as I was going to work the thought went through my mind "did I reconnect the fence"? Sounds like the proverbial "is the iron on" story. I almost called my neighbor to ask them to check the fence, but I forgot. [​IMG]

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