I forgot how messy they were!!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Sep 30, 2010.

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    The last few days I have been spending mostly inside sicne we've been doing a few things to fix up the house (paint, carpet, etc.). I haven't been spending as much time tending to all the birds as i normally do and My Goodness have they been making a mess!!! I guess it's been a while since i've been busy with something else other than them and i just can't believe what little piggies they are!

    I have a batch of young ducklings that i moved outside a week ago, before we started this. then i let them out of their pen because it was nice one day & that same night they all came back up to the porch and slept in their old brooder (which is now open because i was cleaning it out). i figure okay, theyll be fine for now... next day i could Not believe the amount of poo on the porch!! I swear it's like they run and play all day in the yard and come back to the porch when they gotta go! [​IMG]

    The big ducks havent been too bad besides the broody girls mucking up the inside of their house. But last ngiht i decided to herd everyone into the pen and close them up for the night. Fatty's onery butt got me with one of his claws.. boy has he gotten strong being out on the creek all spring & summer!! And i was even holding him by his wings because he was fussing so badly! I couldnt get a couple of the ducks back in but someone that came to buy a chicken ended up buying those 2 ducks anyway... MUCH easier to catch them with help!

    I swear, it's like the chickens are the only good ones lately, lol.
    I really do need to cut back some more on ducks before winter gets here... that or build a bigger pen. [​IMG]

    Most of my day today will be spent mucking up after the ducks and cleaning up & rebedding all the bird houses. I can't believe the mess since i have been busy the last few days! [​IMG]
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    I know the feeling. [​IMG]
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    Jun 25, 2010
    I hear you!!!

    I have been trying to work on a solution for winter. And watering as right now the run is not done and the ducks are in with the chickens. (this might be the new solution) I had thought the one dog was fine with the birds until yesterday I figured out he was only on best behavior with me- I think he got at least one chicken while I was not looking and when he thought I was else where he went all in the coop ready to strike- Couldn't believe my eyes!!! So for now both dogs are locked up while the birds free range during the day- then I herd everyone in the barn and the dogs can then be free ranged during the night. For now I have the water outside and have yet to figure out a good way to have the water in the coop with the ducks in there.

    Good Luck!

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