i found a egg today :)

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    so i found a egg today i am so happy i am not sure who's it was. i have 5 that are almost 5 months and i have one that use to lay eggs but stop because she got freak out from the dog getting into there run, she use to love be held and always wanted to be around me but after the dog she acted diff.....and didn't want to be around me anymore but today she came up to me and wanted to be held and then i found a egg so think it may be hers and that she is back to her old self [​IMG] but how can you tell who egg is who
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    Congrats! Do any of your 5 month olds look close to laying? Was the egg a "normal" looking one of a similar size and colour to what the other one used to lay or was it smaller or not fully formed like a first egg from someone else might sometimes be?

    A bit of detective work should help you figure out whose it was, or failing that, keep a close eye on the nest boxes for a few days and see who uses it.

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