I found a goose egg will it..


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I found a goose egg in my garage this morning. I have african geese, I found it laying on the floor of the garage, she wasn't sitting on it or anything.. what are my chances of this egg hatching? I was cold when I picked it up, and I want to try and hatch it will it work? At what temp do I need to have it at? Humidity and all of that jazz. Is it the same as chicken eggs? Sorry about all the questions.
LOL...I don't know..I do have two male geese, and 2 female geese, and I know that they have mated. How do I know if it is fertile?
I think hatching times is like ducks. 28 days. 50% or more on humidity. Last 3 days stop turning and crank up the humidity to 70% or more. Temp should be 99.5 in a forced air bator.
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There is a good chance the egg will be fertile. It may or may not be viable due to any number of reasons, including the age of the stock, their feeding etc.

Is this the first egg you have had from young birds? If so, you might want to wait a while and try to incubate some a coupe of weeks from now.

If she is in lay, and you remove the egg, she will lay more fairly quickly. You can keep the egg fot up to 7 days. Keep it cool (not fridge, in high humidity (70%) ish, and turn it daily.

Incubation time for African Geese is 30-32 days.

It is on older pair of geese, one is a yearling, but I am not sure which layed the egg. I have been reading that you have to submerge the egg the day before hatch is this true, and submerge it how? In a bowl, I guess you can tell I am new to this huh? I am very excited though. I am going to give it a try but will need lots of help from all of you guys.
All waterfowl require high humidity.

I have heard of people submerging eggs, but most seem not to with no adverse effects.

Keep the humidity around 55 to 60% for around 25-26 days, then increase it to 75-80%.

Waterfowl eggs usually get a *thermal shock* every day when brooded. This is becaus the Goose will get up and go eat, and stuff. Often she will go for a swim too and come back wet.

When I worked (many years ago) on a duck farm we had a row of 4, 2000 egg incubators. We used to open the cabinets for 15 mins every afternoon, and use a plant sprayer to mist the eggs with warm water.

It might not help the hatch, although hatch rates were very high, but probably does lead to more hardy chicks.
Hey lilshadow, I have 12 day-old goslings, and was wondering how much shelter you provide your geese in Winter. I live in the Minnesota River valley near Belle Plaine, MN, probably a little bit warmer than you.
Hatching Goose Eggs

When hatching goose eggs the temperature needs be at 37.4-37.6 degrees celsius.


The humidity should be 50-55% during days 1-26. On day 27 when the eggs are 3 days away from hatching the humidity needs to be around 75%. A hint to keep the humidty up for hatching is to take a brand new clean sponge and soak it with warm-hot water, then put that in the incubator. The sponge keeps the humidity high.


The goose eggs need to be turned and odd number of times a day from day 1 to day 26. On day 27 of incubation you must stop turning the eggs. The goslings are moving around in the egg getting in the position to hatch. Rotating the egg during this time will confuse the gosling.

Misting and cooling the egg

Starting on day 4 and ending on day 26 you must take the top off the incubator and let the egg cool for 15 miniutes. Sometime during that cool down the egg must be sprayed with warm water.


Around day 30 when the gosling begins to hatch you must not open the incubator. Opening the incubator lets out the humidity and the gosling can become stuck in the shell. Let the gosling stay in the incubator for 24 hours until it fluffs up before moving it to the brooder.

SOME INFO FROM MY SITE. This always works for me.

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