I Found Maremma/anatolian Cross Pups--look!


10 Years
Mar 27, 2009
1 hour west of St. Louis, MO
They are a few miles NW of Omaha, NE, about 230 miles from Kansas City, MO. They are 3 days old, and will be raised with goats for 6 months and trained as livestock guardians. They are going to come fully trained for only $100!!! We just reserved a female--we're going to pick her up around Thanksgiving!!! If you are too far to drive, they will ship, too!

The lady was so nice--said it was an unplanned litter. The parents are their dogs, and they are from a line of working LGDs. It's my understanding that the working lineage is more important than the actual breeding when it comes to LGDs. Thought there might be some here interested. Call 712-579-2648.

FYI: I have an anatolian/maremma cross now. She's 2. She is VERY calm, wonderful with kids (I have 7), and is not overprotective with them. She is very motherly and treats all other dogs, large and small, like her puppies. She is very submissive with people, and though she is obedient to some commands, she is certainly typical to breed in that she obeys in her time! She lives outdoors (she was raised with/by sheep in a pasture), and doesn't use her doghouse or come into the garage even in the pouring rain, thunder, lightning or snow! She needs another dog to mother, and so we got her her very own baby!!! I will never have another breed--which means I will always have chickens to keep them working! They truly do need a job--we got rid of our chickens 2 months ago, and she doesn't stay home anymore, but goes to find other homes with smaller dogs to "mother." But she knows her nighttime job is to guard us--she is home before dark every night, and does her barking duty all night! They will bark at night to ward off predators, but it is not incessant--it's maybe once or twice an hour, if that. She has killed a possum, but the amazing thing is that these dogs have ZERO prey drive, so even when they kill a predator, they just leave it where it died. She didn't have to do much to this possum to kill it, it's as if they use only enough force to stop the threat--the possum didn't even have a single tooth mark or drop of blood on it--she shook it and broke its neck! She's my baby, that dog--I can't wait to get the next one!

Hope this lead is useful for some of you!!!


10 Years
Aug 14, 2009
Sandhills NC
It is going to be a VERY long wait.
I hope they will send pictures for our sanity cause now you HAVE to post picture!


11 Years
Aug 23, 2008
you say look..... look at what.... not a single stinking picture..... this thread is useless without one. ARGH!!!!!!!

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