I found the treasure!


May 26, 2011
Roanoke County, Virginia
I have a grapefruit tree and end up with way more fruit than I can eat. It is not really the kind people want: it is the original white flesh with seeds, not pink and seedless. I end up with bags of it going in the yard waste trash or a big smelly pile that attracts and breeds fruitflies. Finally read about how to compost and buried the grapefruit pile under a little dirt and a lot of leaves. It did not smell, reduced in size by two thirds in two weeks, and then today....

I discovered it has turned it pure treasure for the chickens! I was sticking in one more grapefruit and found the bottom in the center was writhing with worms and grubs!! The chickens have pecked around edges, but never messed with the middle because they do not like the grapefruit. I got a plastic cup and scooped up half of the insect population. I had to wash it and pick out the rotting grapefruit.

I sat in the grass to get the girls attention and held out one little white grub on my hand...that was it! The feeding frenzy was on! Even my most skittish pullet was eating out of my hand.

Bonus is the entire bottom of the circle is now 3 inches of worm castings! Whoo hoo! That is a good day! :D

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