i found this great place to get recipies off of

I also thought some one new to duck raising might be interested in how to"" dry pluck a duck"".. for harder to pluck feathers and those feathers not yet fully emerged through the skin don't forget to have a regular pair of pliers..
this is one of the better videos on you tube ..http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q...&mid=2B1604E0793CF9B542882B1604E0793CF9B54288

Also for those new to duck raising you don't have to buy those kill cones that cost so much.. just a old pair of blue jeans work well

either cut your kill sleeve from the thigh portion for large ducks and geese or near the lower part of the knee ankle portion .. depending on size of ducks you will be butchering.. also make your sleeves long enough

a small pair of vice grips is then used to make the sleeve smaller at the end the duck head and neck comes out so the body cant follow.

and if you made the sleeve long enough.. At the other end another pair of vice grips can be used to quickly hang the sleeved duck OR Goose from rafter or what ever,, just fold the sleeve over the rafter and clamp the two pieces of blue Jean cloth with Another pair of vice grips.

I have seen every thing from cow boy boots to home made aluminum house flashing kill cones used. ..pop riveted to gather.

yet this is faster to make.. and works well.

there are plenty of you tube videos to, learn how to humanely kill and also how to gut your ducks and geese..
Bicycle pumps will work to separate skin from meat but large volume accordion pumps do better also electric air compressors work really well.

just remember to------- not

remove duck head first ..and make only a small cut in neck area where you will insert air nozzle making sure this small cut is well below where you cut duck throats..

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