I got 2 kittens!!!! (PICS!!!)

Chicks R Friends NOT Food

10 Years
Feb 15, 2009
Chariho RI
Last night I got 2 kittens. They're maybe around a month old. Already on dry cat food because their mom stopped nursing.
They are so cute- little ragdoll mixes. One looks just like her mommy- very siamese (light fur with darker tail, ears and feet). Th other I'm guessing looks like his dad (they didn't know who the dad was) he's a charcoal grey and I named him Rocky. Rocky only has 3 1/2 legs. He had an umbilical chord around his leg, so his mom chewed it off... including the leg. It's healing very well and he walks around on it.
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aw, and no pics?

We are cat people here too.

That naughty mommy... she ate his tootsies? wow...never heard of that before but I guess it happens. Glad to hear he's healing up good.

So Rocky and what's the other ones name?
Awesome! Cats are very sweet animals!! I have 3 cats right now and one Siamese kitty and she literally climbs up the walls!! Me and my mom are trying to talk my dad into another kitten... It's siamese also
The girl doesn't have a name yet. My little brother is going to name her tonight whne he gets home. Shes his suprise early birthday present.

This is Rocky when we first got him home.


I'll try to take a couple more, but I have a bit of work to do around the house first. (have to kitten-proof everything).
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This is the girl. She's very adventurous and won't stay still enough for a decent photo. You can't see thenm here, but her eyes are blue.

You can clearly see where his leg isn't. He keeps it tucked up so it appears to be shorter than it is.


I have a friend who has a cat - and the same thing had happened to her cat when it was born. When the cat was about 7 months old, they completed the amputation due to problems with walking on the "stump". Since they finished the amputation (12 years ago, now) Zuzu has no problems what so ever. You'd never know she only has three legs!

Congratulations! Your new kittens are gorgeous - I'm jelous!
OH MY God, THERE IS NOTHING on earth is more beautiful that cats.
I am a cat person and it might sounds crazy, because most men like dogs, but I love cats.

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