I got a goose egg, turkey egg & 3 Buckeye eggs yesterday


13 Years
Apr 18, 2007
I thought that I wouldn't see anymore goose eggs or turkey eggs this year and there they were. I have no clue who layed them since all of them are running together.

Then surprise 3 Buckeye eggs in the Buckeye pen. I almost gave up on them to ever lay. I am a happy camper.
I just got a duck egg too! No goose eggs - that IS weird! My chickens are stilllaying, but not as much. Did you get snow today CORancher? I was earlier, but now it is just cold.
We had raining ice earlier and lots of wind then some snow flakes. Take cover it's coming and I am not ready for winter.

My chickens are laying great (just not the Buckeyes) but I was surprised by that goose and turkey egg. Still debating if I should stick the goose egg in the bator.

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