i got a zillion roos


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Wll after waiting 3 excited weeks for my 8 hens today i got my box. Now i had asked ideal not to put any males in for warmth, but they did it anyway, and gave me a white rock instead of a plymouth rock. so now i have 17 roos. I am pretty sure i have seperated out all the roos since there were a lot of the same. can anyone identify them? and what do i do with them - i live about an hour north of houston if anyone wants them!




Raise them and eat 'em. Besides, how can you be sure they are roos, you might get a couple of pullets in the mix too. Or you could try selling on craigslist.
Good luck.
Sorry I'm kind of confused. A white rock is a breed of plymouth rock I thought!?!?! Did you order Barred Plymouth Rock maybe?
As for what to do I think Minniechickmama pretty much covered it. Also trying to sell them on here, local feed store, local paper, etc. If you try to give them away you might get rid of them quicker.
yes - a barred rock is what i ordered, and i got a white rock, not too much difference except it was the one my son ordered for himself coz it was stripy!

i just dont have the room for 17 extra's, my coop is made for 4 or 5 only
Do you mind my asking what method you used to sex chicks that young to determine they were roos?
the method i used was that i ordered 8 and got 26 or so, the ones i ordered look different colors, all the other 17 or so are the same. i called ideal and they said they were males.

im sure there are a couple of females mixed in there, i tried looking at their wings and there is a difference in the tips also - but i am no expert in that side of things

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