i got chicks


9 Years
Aug 23, 2010
I've been wanting to build my own incubator for a long time and have read on here all kinds of ideas. So when my spare freg went out I thought here is my chance. I spent maybe 10 minutes putting it together not including trip to store to get water heater thermostat. Besides the water heater thermostat I used a fan out of a old air hockey table, a heat lamp, power strip, couple bowels of water, a towel to in the water, a video baby monitor and three digital thermometers. I just set the eggs on the wire racks in freg for 19 days then moved them to the bottom. My daughter turned them every 12 hours. I recorded heat ranges from 93 to 106 although the 106 had to have been for a very short time 93 was not uncommon. 95 was the average. Humidity was a big problem and could never get it above 50%. I will make changes like holes for fresh air and moving fans and lamps up to the freezer section. 22 days later I had chicks.


The Chicken Whisperer
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12 Years
May 11, 2010
Excellent work! Nice hatch! Sometimes things simply doesn't have to be perfect to have a good hatch.

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