I got my babies today!

Gardengirl 2011

8 Years
Mar 3, 2011
Central Florida
The feed store got their pullet delivery yesterday. Today after work I went (around 3:00) and they were almost sold out! There were no more barred rock nor rhode island reds
. But the Araucanna's were so cute I got 2. I wanted one of each, but didn't want to just get one little girl, she needs company! They'll get more in Friday and I think Saturday I'll hit them as soon as they open up for my BR. And since I got two Araucannas, I'll have to skip the RIR.

My coop came today too. As much as I wanted to build it myself, I was over thinking it and making myself nuts. I cut hair~~~not wood, lol. So a friend made it for me and delivered it this afternoon. For the time being, they're in a blue tote and seem pretty happy. I've introduced my dogs to them and they're not sure what to think, lol.

I have to admit though, that I'm a little nervous about leaving that heat lamp on all night while I'm sleeping.

They're SO cute!!!
How exciting! You'll have to post some pictures. Are these your first chicks? We got our 4 Araucannas 3 years ago this June and they have been a joy. We get huge blue, green and pink eggs. They are adorable when they are babies. Ours looked like little chipmunks in their coloring, several shades of brown and tan and they grew up to be beautiful ladies. Have you thought about names? Ours are Rose, Daisey, Hyacinth and Violet. Enjoy them!...I worried about the heat lamp too, just make sure they and their light is up somewhere where the dogs (and in our case cats) can't knock them over. Can't wait to see pics if you add them.
justuschickens: Hi! I lived in Johnston for a year. I really enjoyed living in Iowa!

Gardengirl 2011: Do post pics of your cutie chickies and your new coop!!!

I'm still figuring out how to navigate in here. This place is so big and I'm trying to find a particular post. It was about chicken math. I'll post pictures as soon as I figure out how.

Anyhow, their names are Thelma and Louise. I haven't had chickens in about 7 years or so, so I needed a little guidance on what I needed, and was directed to this forum. What a wealth of information BYC is!

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