I got my 'bators today!!


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
Well, my mom and I made a road trip out to Harley's Girl's house today and I got my two incubators! Both are LG's. One is forced air, one is still air.

I also came home with 3 cochins~1 roo and 2 hens
a Black Sumatra rooster..he's gorgeous!
4 Silkie Roos, one white, one red, and two black
3 silkie babies
7 Quail
and 6 ducks!

They did ok on the way home. The fun part was dividing them up into pens so they wouldn't be in with my current birds. I want to make sure everyone is healthy before we mix them all up.

Of course, the ducks went right into the duck pen. We already had that all made up complete with a small pond. They ran straight for the duck shed we had built and ran around inside it spreading out the hay and quaking to each other LOL

It was a fun day, and we especially enjoyed the visit with Harley's Girl. She has some beautiful birds there. I love her pair of Spitzhauben (sp?). Beautiful pair!!

Now we are home and I got the kids settled to bed. They were super excited because Harley sent us home with a few eggs to try hatching in the 'bators. We let each of the kids chose "their" egg, so that will be their science project for the next three weeks. lol Right now I am trying to unwind while sipping a cup of coffee.

Thank you Harley's Girl for a wonderful day!!

Harley's girl

11 Years
Mar 28, 2008
Ohio (way out in the country)
You are so welcome!!! We had such a wonderful day. Brook was asking when the girls can come back over. And Lexi wants them to come and stay.
So glad that you have everyone all settled in. I can't wait until you get to start the eggs!!! Looking forward to our next outing!! Maybe Polk!!
But we will have to plan that later.

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