I Got My First Turkey Eggs to Hatch Today.

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May 2, 2008
Weymouth, Massachusetts
I ordered some White Hollands hatching eggs from our members Steve and Sharon of Sands Poultry and they came in the mail today.
I have never incubated turkey eggs so this is a first for me.
I figured that they would arrive today and kept my eye out for the mail truck all day.
When I saw it pull in next door at 3:00pm I hoped it was for me but he got out and brought a box to the other house.
When it got to be dinner time I figured that I would get them tomorrow instead even though they were expected today.
My neighbor came home from work to find the box on his step, he brought it over and left it on my steps (upside down) at some point but we didn't find it until 7:30 pm.

Its been cold, rainy and just all around damp and nasty today but the box was fine.
They ( I think Sharon packed these) did an awesome job of wrapping these eggs.
Each one was wrapped individually with bubble wrap and then surrounded and cushioned by bubble wrap and foam inside the box.
Of course none were broken, there was no way with that wrap job and they sent 4 extras.
A couple of them were really huge, I can't wait to see them hatch.

It would be really great to have a trio of these and the Bourbon Reds, a small sustainable flock is very appealing to me.
The Steve and Sharon were both great to deal with and they were extremely efficient at getting everything down, as soon as I told them what I wanted the paypal request for payment came right over and then I got confirmation of shipping soon after.
Sharon also followed up with 2 e-mails letting me know what was going on so I have been very happy with everything.
Steve and Sharon if you read this, Thank You Very Much!

Its going to be a looong three weeks waiting for these to hatch, even longer for the Bourbon Reds since we are still waiting for them to lay.

momma's chickens

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Mar 10, 2008
Yeah, glad they got there safely. However, it takes 28 days for turkey eggs or four weeks. Just thought I would let you know. Happy hatching and good luck!!


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Feb 12, 2009
NE Kansas
In the same bator??? Don't duck eggs need more humidity than turkey eggs? I really have no idea, but want to learn. Would be cool to be able to incubate both at the same time!

Edited to ad that I just set my first ever turkey eggs a few moments ago. Blue Slates
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