I got my maran eggs!

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  1. Today I got a total of 2 dozen eggs. They will go into the bator in the morning. The auction was for 12 cuckoos(got 13)6 wheatens(got 7)as an additional bonus she gave me 4 golden marans. They are from good lines. I can't wait. I have americaunas and cochins in one bator and now these in my other.
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    Sep 25, 2007
    Are these Bev's eggs? Do you, by chance, have a pic of them you can post? I've been on her waiting list FOREVER, and would love to see some pics if they're from her!!
  3. No actually they are not her eggs persay. The breeder is from california. I met on a yahoo maran site that sells her eggs on ebay. She got some of her birds from bev. I'll try to post a pic later today. I have some hatchery cuckoos and you really can see the difference in the eggs. She has beautiful birds from what the members tells me and competes in alot of shows out in california. I can't wait for my babies to hatch!
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