I got my Silkie eggs today and my Easter eggers

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    I have them 'settling' and I have Australorps being sent Monday from Florida Chick...so, I will be busy busy busy. I have to say that the lady who sent me the EEs from Arkansas had to have done the most phenomenal packing ever- these eggs were double bubble wrapped in an egg carton, taped, carton bubble wrapped, then in a box on top of empty egg cartons and the box was packed with packie stuff- actually the box had a big ole crushed corner- and thought I was going to have a repeat nightmare- not one egg was harmed.

    My Silkie eggs were wrapped in bubble wrap and then put in a box of shredded newspaper- it was like an Easter egg hunt to find them all- not packed like I would have chosen, but none of them were cracked either.

    I got them all unpacked and sitting in cartons at 5:30- at what time do you think it would be safe to set them in the incubator?
  2. probably 10:30 at night. or safter to wait till 5:30am in the morning. That way they will be settled and up to room temperature.

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