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  1. Day 19 on my serama eggs and I have been having constant fluctuation on my temps for the whole period, mostly lower than 99 degrees, so as usual I am pessimistic as to prospects.:thun Got home from a trip tonight and have a chick sitting in the hatch basket. [​IMG] It is already fluffy, so must have hatched a few hours ago. Can't believe it! [​IMG] I have read every number from 16 to 21 as to required periods for incubation, so will be interesting to see what happens now.
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    Congratulations! One down and how many more to go? It's exciting, isn't it?
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    Aren't they too cute:D The ones I have hatched have always started on day 19 and end on day 21. Have fun I just set some eggs from Frank now for the long ha ha 19 days;)
  4. seminolewind, I have a total of 31 eggs. I have read so many negative comments about trying to hatch serama eggs, that my reasoing was: I hope to get 6 - 12 live chicks from the 24 eggs (extras sent) that I ordered. The seller advised me to remember "they are just chickens; after all, most chickens can be traced back to the jungles." He feels that the difficulty is most often created by the people doing the incubation rather than the chickens themselves.

    I am one of those people who listens really well if I am told what I want to hear. LOL. So I have been my laid back PESSIMISTIC self :thun(my negative side drives my wife crazy, when she's trying to be supportive!![​IMG]) My last hatches of quail and bantams have been exceptional so I actally have high hopes -- I really do!![​IMG]
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    Congratulations. I get a very good hatch rate on my Serama but many people do not...not sure why. Nice to see someone else in SC with Serama. There is a group of us trying to stay connected so we can trade eggs and birds to improve our lines. Let us know how many more hatch....did you get yours from Frank?

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