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    Oct 4, 2012
    North of Houston Texas
    So my chickens have been outdoors free-ranging since before Christmas. 2 weeks ago, a few of them started crowing. Since I had 8-11 roosters and only 4 DEFINITE hens -- I knew I couldn't keep the roo's anyway. So I had already put up ads and made arrangements to find the roo's other homes.

    Now comes the letter from the HOA stating keeping poultry is illegal. My lot is almost 1/2 an acre, and I have 4 Bantie hens + 2 Serama hens, which are as big as a Coke can. LOL.

    I will keep the hens in my garage temporarily if need be. I would like to try to change the law for our subdivision as the lot sizes are ~1/2 acre and up.

    Where do I start? If there's a thread that addresses this, please point me to it. I live in Magnolia Texas; Montgomery County. The County is 75% rural.

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