I got to be the chick hero!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bakerjw, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I have a chicken run with a coop that currently holds my 8 TSC pullets. The girls as they are called. After one of the girls brooded out a batch of chicks I put her in with the rest of the flock and she made it clear in no uncertain ways that her chicks were off limits to the other birds. After a while she lost interest in the chicks and they'd end up outside while momma went in and hopped up on the roost. I then fenced in an area of the coop for the chicks and other than being jealous when I give the chicks treats the hens pretty much leave them be. That is unless any of the chicks get out of the fencing and make it outside. This was the case yesterday as one of my white rock chicks managed to get out of the holding pen and out into the run. These aren't peeps but are teen chickens that are pretty much fully feathered out now.

    One of the hens was after the smaller teen chick before I got out there and when I got into the run I couldn't find the chick anywhere. Eventually looking under the coop I spotted a couple of toes on top of one of the cinder blocks that hold the coop off of the ground. The little thing had gotten up there out of view of the hens and was safe. I reached in and it jumped down away from my hand and ran out to the middle area under the coop. When I bent down and called, it came running right to me peeping madly. I haven't been very hands on with these chicks other than some occasional treats so I was floored that it would view me as a safe haven. But it was a special feeling to be viewed in such a light.

    Just had to share the story.
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    Awwwwwww! I think you deserve a big red "S" on your chest, too!
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    That is Great![​IMG]

    Sounds like everything is safe once again in the City of Chickopolis. [​IMG]
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    You are too [​IMG]!

    Shouldn't there be a smilie with a cape just for such an occasion? The other ones just seem to fall short...


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