I got to her!!!!!


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
My mom was okay with me getting chickens. She thinks they're are cute and funny and she'll let them out in the morning, that sort of thing, but essentially they are mine. She likes to play with the outside cats. They are sooo cute. Anyway, I started to "casually" tell her about ducks. "Did you know..." HEEE HEEE!! She said umm no. I persisted and then as I was talking about how we could do it she said okay how about we don't get more baby chicks and just get baby ducks. WOOHOO.

My dad and I made the chicken coop and run together. Well, the other day my mother and I was talking about the addition we needed to make for the ducks and my mom mentioned that we could make the duck house together. She mentioned that she even had some yellow paint that we could paint it.

She has fallen for those fluffy little quackers!!!
And when I told her so she just smiled and said nah.

Ugh, Im in just the opposite predicament! I have the cute duckies, but now I want chickens. Mom and dad both said yes, but now they are having second thoughts , Meanies.
really? I would think it would be easier that way chickens are less messy and eat less (ducks are wayyyy cuter though!)
Thats what I thought! especially since im only getting a trio of silkies - and they dont even fly! But im sure that as soon as my new pen is built they wont have as big of a fuss to make.
Goat_Walker I just talked my mom into letting me get silkies!

Hennyhandler, my mom and i constructed my duck pen/house together it was lots of fun!
Congratulations melodylee!! And Goat_Walker persist, persist, persist. They sound like they are close to going for it. Maybe it is the pen being built that is making them antsy. Just smile REAL sweet.
You could always mention that chickens are way easier to take care of then ducks or at least that is what I have heard. Could you give me a run down of duck needs? I got the basics but is there any of those areas that seem to pop up after you get ducks that you have no clue about that you could tell me about?

Guess we all are working our way to getting more of those cute little fluffies.They're contagious are they not?

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