i got you now naughty hedwig- i think

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    So you've probably seen my posts on hedwig the toe biting pekin. Smooshing didn't work- he didn't care. Turning him upside down didn't work- I ended up carrying him around most the weekend so I could get stuff done. So this morning I grabbed his beak and held it- he HATED that and tried his hardest to get away. When I let go he stood there instead of immediately biting my toes. So as I walked away he tried to bite again and this time I added a smooshing with the beak holding until he stopped struggling. When I let go he stood beside me- Not biting! I've tried it a few times since and it seems to already be getting better- he made a move for my toes but stopped before he got there [​IMG] he he he! He still runs after me and tries to walk between my legs- thereby constantly tripping me. Choosing my battles- that's fine as long as the biting stops.

    Oh and I chased/cornered/held his GF - which normally would be all out war. He stayed semi calmly swiming!
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