I guess I have a rooster now, Petey has earned his place here.

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    My four showgirl chicks are now three months old and have been outside for a couple of weeks. I placed 2x4 wire down the middle of the big girls' run so they could all get used to eachother. Well I decided that yesterday would finally be the day that I integrated the two mini flocks. I have to say, it went pretty well. The big girls weren't too hell bent on killing the little ones, and the little ones were not too apprehensive to not try and mingle. All in al I'd say it was going pretty well. However one little thing happened that made my heart swell up and made me really proud of the darn ugly showgirl rooster that I was planning on getting rid of...

    So of the four showgirls there is the ugly roo, the twins, and Peggy. Peggy had her leg broken As a small chick an it grew deformed. She only uses it for balance and mostly just hops around on one leg. I spent a couple hundred dollars trying to save the leg, but it just couldn't be saved. Obviously I have a tOtAl soft spot for Peggy. She is the only one who purrs when I pet her, and the only showgirl that doesn't run from me.

    Well anyways, she had gotten separated from the other little ones this morning, and when she would try to hop over to them, one of my big girls would bop her on the head and she would hop back to her original spot. After a few attempts to join the others, I watched as the roo began to look somewhat peeved and restess. He ran to Peggy (and got a nice bop on the head for it) then escorted her back to the twins, fending off all of the big girls as he did so.

    That darn rooster stays. We shall call him Petey. He earned mega points in my book today. I hope he continues to care for Peggy this way.
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    3 Cheers for Petey!!! [​IMG]

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    Go Petey, Go Petey, Go Petey! [​IMG]
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    Awww, Petey!! [​IMG]

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