i guess i'm the rooster.

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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Hehe, started to "free range" ( well, let them out in the yard) and noticed the 3 girls wouldn't leave the door of the garage. Trying to coax them out, I started to "scratch" under a maple tree. They eventually noticed and came running.

    Now, on day three of letting them out, they readily hop out, but now follow me everywhere...lol. if they are busy pecking and I walk away, once they notice they come running to where I went. If I make a clicking sound and point at the ground it starts a feeding frenzy! Quite funny.
    The neighbor ended up letting his dogs out( seperated by a fence, no way they'll gett to the girls) the dogs barked, and the girls ran soooo fast back to the garage. When they hit the concrete, each one lost her footin and slide into the door. None were hurt except their pride, and I couldn't stop laughing.
    1 chicken=bam into door, 2 chicken=bam into door, 3 chicken= bam into door....
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