...i guess shes gonna die today

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    Apr 18, 2011
    Jackson, MI
    My favorite red dorking hen is resting in my entrance way by the heater. I guess Im just waiting for her to die today.

    she started waddling a week or so ago and really fluffing her feathers, i of course didnt think much of it. two days ago she was moving very slow so we took notice of her and brought her in.

    I treated for egg binding, but I dont think thats it. shes swollen and 'squishy' in her pelvic area, so Im assuming its egg yolk peritonitis. There was one day I went to get eggs from the nest box and there was just some yolk mess in there along with the other eggs (I have 9 laying hens). I assumed one just broke, but now that I think about it there wasnt any empty shell. I suppose a hen could have eaten the shell, but it doesnt seem likely. I assume my sick hen laid a shell-less egg prior to this one that is now internal :( Wish I would have thought of this right away and attempted a calcium boost or something before it happened internally.

    I had really big plans of hatching her eggs with my colored dorking roo. She was my only red dorking.

    If anyone has any last minute tips Id appreciate it. Im trying to force her to drink - but not really seeing a point since shes just laying there now and not getting up anymore. From what I understand there isnt much you can do about this condition.
  2. JakRat

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    Apr 22, 2009
    I have no experience with this at all, but I will try and help.

    Have you soaked her in an epsom salt bath?

    Can you massage the area? Or see if there is anything in her vent?

    You can give her water and food with a syringe.

    I do hope someone can pip in and help.
  3. Karhog

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    Feb 15, 2012
    Hi I am no expert either but do also have a sick chook I have posted about on here which I now suspect may have the same. If she is weak, I would syringe sugar water into her too try and boost her energy levels- If mass infection has set in I don't think theres a lot that can be done.
    My chook has had a course of A/B which has helped her enormously but I can tell she still isn't right- I have researched if there is actuually anything that can be done and I read about an operation (to remove ovary and infection mass) and/or hormone treatment- whether this could be successful or deemed fair I doubt though.

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