I "hacked" my Brinsea Mini Eco ... I hatched 20+ eggs instead of 9.


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Oct 9, 2013

(disclaimer: First of all I do realize the Brinsea was not intended for this use, do this at your own risk)

This is the mini eco I have, I did not use the yellow bottom piece this time.

Instead I used an cardbox box approx. 18"x18" x 6" high. The box was holding computer equipment at my office, I used some foam insulation from an old refridgerator box. I cut a circle sized hole, the size of the brinsea top and I used egg cartons with holes cut on the bottom inside. Eggs were positioned 'pointy end down', I switched the box to different angle 3 times a day, no individual turning. On day 18 I took the egg trays out and rested all eggs on their sides.I added a tupperware bowl with a wet sponge for humidity, but our local humidity is high anyway.
I tested the bator before setting the eggs and it held the temperature perfectly! I hatched 15 out of 20+ eggs.
The eggs that didnt hatch were mostly unfertile. 1 chick never fully developed. I will be doing this again.

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Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Great idea and I know, living where I do, that necessity is certainly the mother of invention :)

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