I had five Serama's hatch- one is pipped

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    The five hatched yesterday- a day early- and they were/are a messy bunch. My husband stayed home yesterday from work *not to watch my incubator, even though I tried to make him sit there all day and watch them* They hatched a day early, were wet, weak, almost lifeless actually, and ONE of them bled all over the incubator but I don't know which one. Its not bleeding now. All babies just laid there all day-whenever I would call to check on them, my husband said they were doing the same thing. Then of course I told him to stare at them and make sure they were breathing. I called a zillion times to ask what the temperature in the incubator was. At one point, he dared tell me that he was out fishing- NOT incubator sitting. [​IMG]

    Apparently my temps ran high, and they did- I had a very hard time. I kept the incubator in my bedroom, on the dresser. The most stable room in the house. I spent many nights getting up to turn off the bedroom air conditioner- to my husbands dismay. It made it hard for me to regulate the incubator. Have to turn it up when the air is on, down when the air is off. I found it easier to lay there and listen to my husband complain that he was too hot, than try and adjust the temps. (Still air little giant). I used an auto-turner, and I had eight eggs make it to hatching day.

    The babies are doing so much better today. They aren't fluffed up, but rather crunchy. lol. Two of them seem to get stuck on their backs and would rather lay there than right themselves, but once righted, they walk around normally. They all respond to the giant eyeball staring in at them through the window. (they are so cute running for their lives in the incubator).

    Found a surprise pip in there this morning. Yay me. [​IMG] AND HEY FRANK!: they are all black. One is teeny little itty bitty, one is bigger than the ebay serama that hatched ten days ago. I made a joke that a banty hen must've snuck in your pen. [​IMG] The other three are quite small. They are all so adorable. [​IMG]
    Now for names- Eeny, Meanie, Miney, Mo(Not Moe- must be girl. Mo- for Moesha, Morticia,etc), Teensie...and soon to be: Weensy...and "Please Shut Up" (that would be the one who hatched 10 days ago) [​IMG]

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    Baby number 6 is halfway out of the egg...this one is black, too


    That gives me seven black Serama. [​IMG]

    edit: I came home from work to find a perfectly fluffed up very small black fuzzball in the incubator. YAY.
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    OK, Mom---we really need some pics, here!!
    and congrats!!

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