I had my rooster "Fred" de-crowed... sad update

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Well it's been 24 hours and Fred is still alive. Fred is a gorgeous Splash Wheaten Ameraucana cockerel sired by Geoffrey.

Dr. Anderson in west Mesa performed the operation yesterday and I picked him up this morning. I still have him isolated. I put the prescription into the water as directed and got him some high protein game bird finisher and scratch. Tomorrow he'll get scrambled eggs.

And, I haven't heard even a peep out of him yet. I shouldn't have any complaints from the neighbors as for crowing.

Part of living in an Urban area.

Prior to the operation he was VERY active with the girls and I got some gorgeous chicks from him at New Years. One is an Blue feathered Olive Egger with Fred over Mary (my FBCM) I named this OE #29 because it was the last chick out.... I hope it's a pullet as the chick is really pretty.
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I've been awaiting this thread, Mahonri!
The vet warned me up front that sometimes they don't make it.

They use an electro-surge instrument, to burn up and down on the 'voice-box' which is way down deep in a roo.

I haven't seen him pick much at the feed and I only saw him drink the medicated water once. I covered up the pet carrier so that he wouldn't have any drafts on the back porch. It's just weird that he is SO QUIET, because previously, he was VERY noisy.

We'll wait and watch.

Is this to disguise him for compliance with local ordinances against roosters?

Otherwise . . . WHY???

". . . he was VERY active with the girls . . . "

Yes. They found him quite handy to alert them (vocally) to something tasty he'd come across or a threat they needed to avoid.

No more. So, should he make it through the trauma, I shouldn't expect him to take back his old place in the flock.

If he were your only bird and a pet, then having him "de-crowed" wouldn't be much different from having your pet ferret or skink de-scented, and I don't guess I'd have any opinion to voice.

I don't wish you or Fred any ill for your actions, but don't be surprised if you find Fred starts getting beat up on when he goes back to the flock. Without a voice, his role in the flock will be radically changed. And you may find him huddling on the floor of your coop one morning, pecked half to death.

I'll stop beating around the bush. I disagree with your decision to have Fred de-crowed. (I don't know you, or all of the particulars, so it isn't as personal as my "disapproval," which, from the distance afforded by the ether between us, shouldn't bother you either.)

I live in the country these days so it isn't an issue, but I've had chickens in town in my life. If the roosters were either too boisterous/noisy or simply not allowed and not able to be hidden . . . they were either stewed or re-homed (where they may or may not have been stewed). That's the reality of it. If that's something you can't handle, you need to move further outside Phoenix.

I don't think you've done Fred or yourself a favor.
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I do find this quite dramatic. Ive got plenty of birds including young cocks that dont make noise and are quite content in their happy little flock. Not to mention the countless people who have submissive roosters that dont crow or clueless roosters that dont do their job at all and get on just fine without finding themselves mauled and torn to shreds by ravenous hens.
If I had a special roo, and I had to give him up, he would most likely become stew, and I would be thinking strongly about decrowing. Being the only rooster in the flock, I don't see a problem.
Oh NO! NOT the mad, rampaging hens who like their roos noisy! Horrors. What a lot of money to spend only to risk that!

I would SO do the same if there was an avian veterinarian around here, and I live in the country, not a suburban neighborhood. I love my multple roosters but there is definately a cachophony at times.
YES. It's to keep him quiet.

Perhaps I've done him a disservice and Yes I wish I could spend many thousands of dollars to move further outside of Phoenix where I could keep a roo, and many more thousands of dollars in the extra fuel costs to get me to work, oh yeah, that would make sense....
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