I had to laugh at DH this morning


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Nov 9, 2007
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He asked me if I thought the boys needed to go to the "exterior". They've learned every other word we have come up with for going "out" (and can spell them), so we are getting pretty creative with our wording here.
HA! Clever DH coming up with new words. He does realize that it will only increase their vocabularly in the long run, doesn't he?

Mine know the O-U-T word too. That and "Little Timmy's in the well?!!!!!". I"ve played that game with them so many times they see it as a precursor to "Do you want to go out?!".

Have you ever read the book "My Life in Dog Years"? I forget the author's name, but I do remember it was geared towards older kids. It tells chapter by chapter about all the dogs he has had in his life. The final chapter is about the border collie he currently had. That dog had a vocabulary of at least 50 words and knew them in context. The book is hysterical and a must read for those that love dogs.
When I was a young whippersnapper, I had a roommate that taught his dog to respond to "peepeepoopoo". 30 years later I still have nightmares.

Both my dogs will do almost anything for peanut butter. They know those words, so we switched to PB. Then I decided to have some fun with them. I taught them it's called "medicine". Now I can holler "who wants medicine?" and they both come careening through the house for medicine!

O u t is another word they know, as well as the phrase "go do your business". And when they do their business fast on a freezing day they get "YAY!"

I love how fast they learn new words, both have pretty big vocabularies and we get a lot of giggles trying to figure out ways around it!
Kane will potty on command. Very handy when it's cold outside.

Okay I must confess I've trained our milk goats to go pepepopo while they are outside the barn at night before milking......It's that much less clean up later!

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