I hate Bumblefoot surgery


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I have one hen who's gotten bumblefoot several times. I just hate the thought of having to cut it out, but it's swollen. She also wasn't 100%. I started her on Pen injection. I put a soaking bandage on her foot everynight . I've been avoiding the surgery part, but it's time to do it.

Once done, is there any way to prevent dirt from getting inside the bandage?


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Nov 27, 2008
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Once you dig the infection out and you are sure that you got it all out; flush with betadine, pat dry, and then pack it with neosporin. Then put gauze over it and instead of using vet wrap strips, use strips of duct tape. Dont wrap it up too tight, snug is fine. The duct tape will keep dirt, mud etc...out of it and your hen cant get it off. You'll need sharp scissors to cut through it when you change it out or remove it completely when the footpad has healed. I usually cut straight up the leg and gently pull it off rather than trying to cut around the toes/feet. (snip snip oops!) LOL.
If the infection is tough to dig out, soak her foot in warm epsom salt water for about 30 minutes to help draw it out...she may require several soaks. Then squeeze the heck out of the footpad as much as necessary to get it out. I've had to do that on several occasions and it worked.
Hopefully the penicillin injections will stop the infection before it gets into her leg. Once it gets to the leg, the bacteria quickly spreads through their system, then eventually death.
Once she stops limping, you know you got the infection out and/or the penicillin did its job.

Use sandpaper to sand your roosts and perches...a couple of quick swipes with it will take care of burrs and splinters that cause bumblefoot. I also recommend lowering roosts if you havnt done so, and eliminating other high places that birds can jump down from.
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