I HATE Bumblefoot!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by flossyfelix, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Long story short- my baby got an extremely bad case of bumble, I had to lance it, because it was just SO swollen...now of course I'm having to keep the foot cleaned & wrapped. My question is.... how long should I keep her foot wrapped?? She is completely annoyed w/ the fact she has a bright pink foot & that I won't leave her alone! Lol. What's a safe bet? When can I take it off & let her be??

  2. I believe your fussing with it way to much.....This has been going on weeks now and it should be healed......

    Leave her alone to be a Duck....They heal on their own rather quickly.....

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  4. [​IMG]..........[​IMG].............[​IMG].............[​IMG]!!!!.....


    Farting sideways!?

    Happy New Years!.......


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    Bahahahahahaaha!! I "hate" you![​IMG][​IMG]

    Happy New Year!![​IMG]
  6. .......[​IMG].................................You love hearing from me!......lol.....[​IMG].

    Back at you Worry wort.........lol........[​IMG]

    Cheers from Alberta!
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    Do you think there might be something stuck in the foot, like a splinter? Is she otherwise fine?

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    I have no clue! It's the weirdest thing, never seen anything like it. She was absolutely fine that Saturday evening when I put them to bed- that Sunday mid morning she wasn't putting any pressure on her right foot. Limping awful. I looked & looked...found nothing. The following day the middle of her foot between her webs was HUGE, I look again, I honestly probably looked everytime I doctored it just making sure I didn't miss anything- or it hadn't worked it's way out..but nothing. Finally by Christmas day her foot was so big, she had poop on her where she had just been laying there, not getting up she was in so much pain. So I made the decision to lance it. Luckily my mom had everything to make her as comfortable as possible. The swelling has gone down some, due to the bumble being out...but it's still swollen, it's been exactly 2 weeks & I still have found nothing! She's laying. She's eating, drinking, swimming, & even has felt like mating a few times. I ordered some antibiotics & I'm trying to get those in her. Hoping that does the job. Because it's not broken, or dislocated. I just figured it would be healed by now. It's wrapped up due to the big slit that had to be cut to get all the infection out, but I feel like she still should be trying to walk on it more than she is... even with the vet wrap. Maybe I am overreacting... but... I just wouldn't forgive myself if something happened & I didn't do my part as their provider/mommy. What do you think?
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    Are you soaking her foot in warm Epsom salt water? that can help speed healing and inflammation. How does the slit look that you made to get the infection out and what did you find when you opened it up? @flossyfelix
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    Yes on the Epsom.-- the slit is healing OK. Looks to be fine. When when stuck her foot with the syringe just to numb it, it had so much pressure where it was so swollen- a mixture of blood & like a clear liquid came shooting out. Then when she cut it a mixture of blood, clear liquidy, & a hard chunky puss came out. Kind of like Cottage Cheese. The bumble she had on her other foot is completely healed & the few spots Felix had on his feet are healed up. @Miss Lydia

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