I hate dogsitting!(feel free to add yours) Funny tales of woe.


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Dec 26, 2008
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I thought you might like this story- last night my in laws dog broke out of the pen we have outside when I was letting my boston back out to come in. I managed to hook one finger in her collar and her response was to drop and spin circles on her back- strangling my finger, choking her self and screaming and trying to bite me because of it. I thought my finger was going to break and rip off. really. so Im screaming she screaming, tina comes running from inside, weilding the sissors incase something needs to be avenged ( hey! we live in the country- coyotes are around...what sissors would do is anyones guess but she tried!) after she stapled her finger ( she was upholstering something in the house) steps on a huge tack that was on the porch ( you know the fly tape ones?) so now we are ALLLLLLLL screaming and hopping around. Except Koda who is looking on confused. . . and the dog chooses that moment to spin the other way releasing me. Excitement over? no- the new rescue Boston slips out of the door and takes off across the yard and to the wooded area ( 8 acres of it, bordered by highway) . She had been out ALL DAY without a leash and went nowhere why she chose dusk to run off is beyond me! So I chase in my nightgown and flipflops and finally thinking shes about to just be GONE I decided to scream BUTTONS SIT in the bad witch voice and what does the stinker do? DROPS like she is made of lead and sits there and waits for me to collect her. I finally go inside, legs are disgustingly dirty and itchy from the citters living in the waist high grass.I don't mind helping the inlaws but I would be lying if i said I will be sad when I am no longer dog sitting!

Sorry if it reads funny its pulled off my facebook .


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My neighbor asked me if I would let his dog out once or twice bc he was going to be gone all day and woldn't be home till late. He gave me a key to get in and I did feel strange going in his house when he wasn't home for whatever reason lol... so I just unlock the door and holler for the dog. I didn't even no the dogs name. So i am standing jsut inside the door and no dog comes. I keep yelling ans still no dog. So I am like crap and I walk farther into the house and still see no dog. I go to the bottom of the stairs and keep hollerin for this dog. I finally see it come to the top of the stairs and it is looking at me like who are you! I finally get it to go outside and go stand in the door and keep calling it to come in and it won't even look at me. Fianlly get it back inside and then several hours later same thing happens again. When the neighbor comes to get his key I told him how the dog didn't even respond when I was calling it and wouldn't even look at me.
He then tells me oh yea i forgot to tell you that he can't hear but can feel vibration


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Jan 19, 2011
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I forget how old my neighbors dog was the last time I watched her, shortly before she was put down. But she was old. At the time, she was still physically healthy, but totally blind and deaf as a post, and spent most of her time sleeping. So letting her out essentially begins with a long game of Hide N Go Seek, but with no excited giggling like with kids! Yelling, foot stomping (vibrations), and searching every room, closet (since she could nose them open), nook, and cranny. One time I was having more trouble than usual finding her, and thinking the worst! I hated having to search the house, since I felt like I was invading personal space, but I had to find the dog!

Where was she? Buried under a pile of cloths in one of the kids bedrooms. She hadn't felt the vibrations of the stomping because of the soft pile of cloths, and I hadn't seen her the first few passes because she had dug herself in deep. But once I woke her up (prod gently w/ long object so as not to get bit by startled deaf dog) she was as happy as a clam and needing to go potty!

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