I hate my hair!


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Jun 26, 2010
...because it's always so tangled! It's not even curly, so the tangles stick out! It's stick-straight. I've tried combing it out with conditioner but then as soon as I turn around it gets tangled again!
Does anybody know how I can get rid of tangles?
Mine is stick straight also. It tangles the worst whenever I need a haircut. Usually because of split ends. SO I try to get mine trimmed every 6 weeks or so. It helps a good bit. But does still tangle up when it's either really windy out or I have on a hoodie. The hood makes my hair bunch up in the back and creates havoc!! Maybe someone will come along with a better idea!
Have you tried henna? You can get a "neutral" henna which is actually Cassia. It has made a HUGE difference with my crazy hair. I've got straight hair, but some is wavy, and some is very tightly curled and sticks straight up. It adds protein so it is easier to style, and lots of shine.

If you don't want to go the henna route, Joico's Kpak works pretty well for taming hair.
I get tangled hair, too.

I have found that there is a HUGE difference in conditioner quality.

My favorite conditioners are Dove, Costco brand, and the organic conditioners (but I don't spend the money on those anymore).

Also Garnier Fructis has a little green tub of conditioner that is REALLY heavy. I can only use it every so many days because it weights your hair down. But it is such a strong conditioner that it helps my hair a lot.
Do you color it? That will dry it out. I have curly, frizzy, dry hair. If I don't do something with it, it is a tangled dust mop!

When I can afford it, I use a product called Frizz Ease. It is pricey, but leaves the hair feeling like silk, and tangle-free with a great shine. You apply it once, then do not use shampoo or conditioner for at least 3 days. It does take a bit more shampoo to get it out of the hair later, because it contains silicone, but is well worth it to not have the tangle.


Try a leave in conditioner. When I can't afford the Frizz Ease, I use Garnier Fructis Live-in Conditioning Cream.

Garnier Fructis Sleek Shine
Btw - you can get generic versions of the salon products like FrizzEase at Sally Beauty or other salon supply stores. I get a generic version of Paul Mitchell's tea tree and lavender shampoo & conditioner that works great.
When I moved to NV, the lady who started cutting my hair gave me a really cool tip. At first it sounded crazy and I even questioned her about my hair being icky and getting dirty quick, but she said give it a try so I did.

She said to stop conditioning my hair in the shower. Instead, using the same "wash-out" conditioner - apply it to my hair after the shower and my hair has been towel dried, then brush my hair. I use Nexxus, and it is not a leave in conditioner - but once my hair is dry - you could not tell that it is in there. My hair stays mostly tangle free - or at least finger combable and I have longish hair now - and it has been down the middle of my back before.
I have super-fine straight hair that's roughly the strength and consistency of rabbit fur. It's disastrous without a strategy.

1- Trim your hair at a minimum of every 3 months to take off the frayed ends- it won't hurt length and you can actually grow it longer as it won't 'unravel' as badly, or break off from the ends.

2- Take a hair, nails, skin supplement...of course you won't notice a change in your hair for a year, because it will make a difference on the hair you're forming NOW, which is still in your scalp, but you'll notice in your nails soon, and it DOES make a difference in your hair for later.

3- Don't overwash. Folks with finer hair don't need to wash their hair twice, and you really only need to wash your hair where it meets the scalp, letting the suds and rinsing process remove what little oil, dirt and etc. remain on the lower hair shaft. Washing is very damaging and makes the 'scales' that form the shaft rough up like velcro rather than smoothed down like a snake's skin.

4- Use an anti-frizz product (oil-free or not) and an alcohol-free styling product from the ears down. After a shower, use a product that doesn't dry your hair- a little glob in your palm of each, rub hands together to distribute all over your hands, then smooth through your hair from ear-level and down. The act of combing out your wet hair will distribute it at a lesser concentration above that point, and that's perfect. You don't want a lot above that point.

5- Be gentle. Don't use force when combing or brushing out your hair. The act of stretching your hair during forceful brushing can damage the cuticle and leave it frayed and velcro-like, as well.

6- Use non-damaging hair ties and pins that won't do damage. The skinny hair-ties bind hair and make it weak. Use larger ties and plastic hair pins.

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