I hate Northern Fowl Mites!

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    I'm not sure if anyone can give me advice. I have been battling Northern Fowl Mites all winter. I am in Northern Michigan and was not able to do a complete coop clean out until now. So here is what I have done or tried and I still have mites. I cleaned out both coops, all the old bedding, took a shop vac to the whole thing. Bleached the smaller coop and scrubbed the larger coop. Took roosts out and washed them. Then I dusted with a Poultry dust and DE. I also gave the really badly infested birds baths and treated everyone with Ivomectin. I still have mites. In the past I have tried essential oils, putting in cedar boughs, premerthrin spray and another type of dust. What makes this unbearable for me is they bite me.. a lot! I have at least 50 bites right now. I'm not sure how they are getting on me. I am totally creeped out and itchy. I also found some on my week old chicks that must have come off the mom and I'm not sure what to do for them. Anyone have any ideas, what am I doing wrong? How do I convince the mites I'm not a chicken? I'm the only human in the household that they get on or bite. My son can spend hours out there with none!
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    Seems like they have prefferences, like mosquitoes. they just like some people more than others. Here's what I would do. Get some Adams flea and tick dip. Mix it up as directed in a 5 gallon bucket, and proceed to dip EVERY bird on the place, except the hen and chicks. Those should be dusted with Sevin Dust. Do it on a warm morning so they have a warm day to dry. Spray everything, coop, nests, roost, everything, with the Adams mixture. In my opinion, DE is totally useless. Good luck........Pop

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