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  1. so after having a roo with a bad overgrown beak we now have 2 hens with small overgrown beaks. Well it was easy with the long one because you just clip off enough then h would wear it down, but now were gonna have to clip closer and i was wondering if theres a way to calm a chicken while clipping their beak??? THANKS!!
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    You need to put something near their food for them to "wipe" their beaks on. I put cement stepping stones in the pen so when they wipe their beaks it helps to wear them down. That way they keep them trimmed on their own. You can even put food on it to encourage them to use it.
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    I have my feeder and waterer set up on cinderblocks for this reason :) Have you tried a piece of sand paper? Covering their eyes may also help keep them calm.
  4. Thanks, we have some cement blocks by our garage. We've never had the beak problem, but we got these chickens full grown.

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