I hate people that let animals suffer-rant & graphic!


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Aug 17, 2008
Today I was looking at some friend's horses & one of the people there had a setter/spaniel type dog. She got hold of a white pigeon that I noticed earlier looking a bit sick & started mauling it. I noticed once it was past help. He called his dog & I told him to leave it until the bird was dead at least but he called her away & then took her back & she started carrying it around. That's when I intervened & pulled it's head off before chucking it back to the dog. I asked him if he was stupid to just leave it to suffer & he looked at me like I was crazy for caring. Animals die, birds die, but I don't believe in letting them suffer. I put down animals all the time & from insects to large animals, I always make it quick & as painless as possible. I don't understand the mindset of someone who can look at any animal suffering & not even care. Birds are a love of mine & it has taken a lot of heart hardening for me to be able to see things like that without flipping out completely but even cats, which I particularly dislike, would meet a quick end around me if I saw them suffering. It wasn't my property, my birds or my dog or things would have gone very differently but the least I could do was end it's suffering.


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Sep 13, 2010
Suprise, Arizona
I am totally with you there. Amen!

Whether it is a pigeon or a cat; both of which I don't tolerate well either, I can't bear to see any creature suffer. I don't know how the people you described sleep at night.

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