I Hate Surprises...


Feb 22, 2019
South Carolina
Edited. For some reason I can't upload the images but it was an adult grey rat snake. They're beneficial so I don't want to kill him (although he does frustrate the hell outta me--I've seen him a few times now and never been able to catch him). So my plan is to make a snake trap using rope looped through a length of PVC pipe. Once I catch him/WHEN I catch him, I'll release him on the other end of the property where we have many varmints. Unless I'm really mad. Then all bets are off.

What are you preferred snake traps? Just curious.

Follow-up. Not more than 10 minutes after posting this I saw him again, this time in the main chicken run, just crawling along on the straw. I said a prayer, grabbed a rake nearby, and just began whacking whatever part of him I could access. I was mad. And he is now dead. I plan to be better prepared next time.
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Feb 19, 2019
Commerce, Texas
I can't see the images as it says there is an error and I don't have permission to, but I've heard minnow traps baited with an egg or two along a wall make excellent snake traps.
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