I hate the grocery store. Post your coop here. That's KO-WHOP.

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    Here are mine


    Azure Standard rocks! They make the best quality flours. You have to log in to see prices, but it's super easy, and you don't get junk mail.


    Fruit and vegetable coop. It's weekly, $15 for two laundry baskets of f&v, as well as offering organic for $10 more per week. They also offer Organic breads for about $2/loaf, you can also add on extras, which are themed differently each week ie; Italian, or Mexican.

    Last week the extras were for guacamole, I received 10 avocados, cilantro, 2 white onions, 1 garlic, 4+jalapenos, for $8.50.

    A lot of people use it to make it through until their garden produces again. All of this was about $30.


    Please share your coops, or alternative ways you get groceries.

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