I hate to, but...(free quail, pickup only Cleveland,TN)

Discussion in 'Quail' started by CherokeeTradition, Oct 2, 2011.

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    So right now I am more than a little frustrated & desperate! Basically I've been trying to rehome a few quail for a while now, & two different people have said they wanted them & then changed their minds offering no reason, the latest after I held them for several extra days I could ill afford.

    I cannot travel. Both my husband's as well as my health have taken a drastic plunge in the last month or so. I'd happily rehome my 11 coturnix, (italians, tibetans, one wild) complete with two hutches/feeders/waterers if I had the chance (hutches already winterized) as well as 10 button quail (4 roos, 6 hens, cinn redbreast, redbreast, blueface, wilds, cinnamon pearls, no caging but can help out with feeders/waterers if needed) if someone could pick them up. I am not interested in monetary gain & only want what is best for them, they are free of charge on the promise they won't be eaten.

    As I've said I hate to part with them but feel I must. I can provide plenty of pics to anyone interested, just drop me a pm/email. Thank you very much for reading! If no one here is interested (will not ship) I'd love any input you could give me on good places to advert them for free.
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    I am so sorry you have to rehome your babies. [​IMG] There are things like craigslist and ads in the paper, however you never know where they are going. You could try your local county extension as they usually have connections in poultry or 4-H clubs, (they do that here). Possibly someone that keeps chickens might be interested in taking them from you.

    You might hang a flyer at your local feed store or even talk to the folks that work there as someone may keep other poultry and may take them.

    Sorry to hear about your health. I hope everything works out for you. [​IMG]

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