I hate when other teens tell my daughter


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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
that she is an adult at 17 and can do what she wants. she thinks because they can try you in court as an adult when yu are 17 then you are a legal adult. she is driving me crazy. she is really pushing my buttons since her dad is out of town working. I want to scream. sorry I just needed to vent. I hate when teens think they are smarter than adults. and I hate when other teens give advice.

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Feb 8, 2010
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i know the feeling. my almost 10 year old has norespect for my husband (her stepfather) cuz her real dad and grandma tell her that since he is not her real dad, she does not have to listen to him. so she doesn't.
so it's hard for him to have a decent relationship with her. i thinks he's finally giveing up. i don't blame him. though we are trying to correct her "other" families mistakes they teach her. it's very fustrating.


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Nov 1, 2008
pack her bags, send her to her friends, she will be back in no time. been there done that! she was 15. now 36 and the most wonderfull daughter in the world! the grass is always greener.


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Apr 24, 2009
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Now see, if I had kids telling my kids that, I'd tell my kids very matter of factly "Well, I'm sorry that so and so is saying that to you. Truth is, no, you are NOT an adult, and I'm sorry that your friend's parents don't love them enough to want to stay active in their lives up until they are of legal age, which dear, is 18, NOT 17, however, if you wish to commit a felony crime and your dream is to be tried like an adult, don't let ME stop you. In the meantime, until you are 18, you belong to me. It is my responsibility to care for you. If you wish to keep arguing this subject with me, I will be placing a call to all of your friends that are so convinced that you are an adult, and I will discuss this topic with their parents, and then you will no long be allowed to socialize with them. Is this your ultimate goal? If not, then I would zip it and get out of my face before I unleash a fury on you like you have never known before."

And if she STILL pushed it, I'd take away car privileges, cell phones, computers, all the luxuries that YOU as a mature, working adult have paid for with the hard earned money that you WORKED so hard for, and I would tell her "A mature adult is able to purchase these things by themselves. Seeing as how you depend on me to buy them for you, that means that you are not yet mature, and therefore you do not need them. If there is something here that I took away that YOU bought with YOUR hard earned money, please, correct me and I will return it. Oh, and your rent is due on the 1st and 15th of the month. Be on time with it, a mature, responsible ADULT would be."

Yeah, depending on my mood I can be wicked and quite cunning. My children dare not try those games with me, I'll make their lives so miserable they'll wish they had never crossed me! My older daughter is already learning that. The younger one, eh, she's harder headed, but she'll learn eventually.


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Nov 23, 2009
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Hmm does she realize that for some crimes they'll try an 11 year old as an adult... I mean, if that's what we're going by then you should have kicked her out of the nest YEARS ago.

Just print up a big copy of the (your) definition of Adult... one who supports themselves... who provides their own food, shelter, clothing, water, sanitation, transportation, education, etc from their own earnings. If she fits all of those things, then she can get her own place and live as adultly as she wants... if she cannot fit that bill then she needs to obey your rules until she can.

Choice is hers.... leastways in Texas it is... here once you hit 17 your folks can't have the police bring you back home... it's also the age which changes sex crimes from 'of a minor' at 16 and below (there are variation) to 'of an adult' at 17... but that's classifying the victim, not the perp... *shrug* I am SO not looking forward to these years... bonus points that in hubby's side ... well let's just say his sis was 'all growed up' at the ripe old age of NINE... I can't even imagine explaining to a NINE year old what's going on, why, and that NO just because biologically you CAN breed doesn't mean you should, or that your emotionally an adult... so help me if our DD gets that gene...


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Aug 28, 2008
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not to argue, because I don't disagree, but I got into the same thing with my mom when I was about 17, and sh pulled the "not under my roof", so I moved out and into my 28 year old boyfriend's house... not sure you want to push thiings that far...


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Sep 23, 2008
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Push her out the door with a suitcase and tell her having fun being an adult

It will be fun till dark.

...make sure you call all her friends moms and tell them to not let her stay the night

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