I have 2 roosters to rehouse/ fowl pox


Jan 22, 2020
East texas
So my flock came down with fowl pox. I freaked out did my research and did what I could to help them. But now that the virus has passed through most of the flock and they have recovered two of my young birds came into maturity as roosters. I need to rehome them but I don’t know if it’s wise to do so while some of my chickens still have fowl pox. I’m guessing they would still have the virus on them in some way even if no one was still sick. I’ve read that the virus stays for up to a year so my birds will always be a source for fowl pox... should I not rehome them? Maybe give them a good bath first? or is it the other persons responsibility to Know the effects of fowl pox and whether or not to take the birds?

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