I have a broody!!! A Golden Buff Sex-Link.....

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by steffpeck, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I went out last Saturday night to collect eggs and found one of my Golden Sex-links sitting in the nesting box, looking broody. I was shocked. My son had been to the coop about an hour before and I asked if she was sitting there then and he said yes, but he had also been to the coop that morning and he was saying yes to that. So she was sitting on eggs all day. I lifted her up and she was sitting on 8 eggs. I left her alone and checked her the next morning and she was still there. I checked on her Sunday afternoon and she was up to 12 eggs. I tried to move her from the nesting box (she was in the favorite box) into a dog crate in the corner of the coop, but she did not want to sit in there, so I moved her back up into a different nesting box, that is not used that often, and only put 9 eggs under her. Monday morning I went out and checked on her again, and marked the eggs, by Monday afternoon she was on 13 eggs, I removed the unmarked ones. I keep removing the unmarked eggs, but tonight when I checked on her she has 13 under her again. She is so funny! She will get all fluffed up when I get near her and growl a little, but not once has she tried to peck me or bite or do anything the least bit aggressive. I just love it!!!

    One question though, how do I keep her from getting more eggs?? The other hens must be laying in the nest when she gets down to eat or something. Also, the nesting boxes are 2 feet or so off the ground, that is not safe for the chicks when they hatch is it? How, where and when is the best time to try to move her to someplace more secluded??

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